Aeronautical Expansion in the World

Aeronautical Expansion in the World

The project proposed by LAER SpA combines a completely traditional tool, such as bilateral meetings, with the need to present the various stages of processing at a distance and in detail, as well as the finished products, with communication material that can guide potential customers in an innovative and interactive tour in the various company offices. Through the digital experience, the potential customer will have the opportunity to experience the presence in the company and view all the steps of the processing in the various phases. The company strategy is to intercept new export opportunities with countries with developing economies, i.e. with all the countries of the United Arab Emirates and the MENAs. These realities, having already concluded, in the past, agreements with leading companies in the sector, represent a strong market expansion and particularly interesting for the aeronautical sector.


The best expected results are: increase in foreign contacts for business relations; improvement of corporate communication towards a target market; growth in foreign turnover achieved through bilateral meetings and exchange of information; start up partnership activities in terms of business and know-how, in order to obtain benefits in approaching the reference market; enter into targeted agreements both for its own vertical integration in the value chain, and between companies in different sectors, to establish synergies based on the skills and customer segments reached; reach agreements with companies operating in the same sector to face the market with a common strategy and join the commercial strength, at least for some sectors.

Materials made for the project

Project co-financed by the European Union, the Italian State and the Campania Region, under the POR Campania ERDF 2014-2020

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