25.500 m2 divided into three locations

Present in the market for over 30 years with an offer of services and products that best respond to the continuous challenges of a dynamic market such as aerospace. UNI EN ISO 9100: 2018 - 9001: 2015 and NADCAP certified, Laer specializes in the construction of complex aero-structures.

A core business focused on the fabrication, assembly and integration of metal and composite structures, design of tools and assembly junctions and aimed at satisfying the needs of the leading companies in the reference sector.

The mechanical and sheet metal processing departments are made up of multi-axis machine tools and state-of-the-art equipment that allow you to perform complex processes in full compliance with the quality standards required by customers. An entire plant is dedicated to the production of composites.
fuselage sections;
mobile surfaces;
door surround;
flight controls;
parts of primary and secondary structure.
In the era of continuous change, LAER is constantly committed to improving its growth strategies in the most important and ambitious aeronautical programs and R&D projects, activities that guarantee continuous improvement of its know-how and skills.


All major industrial countries consider the aerospace sector as a strategic area in terms of economic value, social relevance and contribution to the well-being and safety of people. Overall, Laer constitutes a highly innovative environment and is committed to constant professionalism, to be a first-level supplier for the aerospace industry, for the production of high quality products, always respecting the environment and to meet the specific needs of each customer thanks to a team of up-to-date, motivated engineers inserted in a European and global professional context.


In this scenario, our vision is to consolidate a community of professionals who, working in close collaboration with the personnel of industry, research centres and institutions, recognize themselves in a system:
• that aspires to achieve and maintain levels of excellence;
• which promotes and rewards the sense of responsibility, the value of knowledge and the passion for research;
• which maintains a frontier position with respect to the continuous evolution of technologies;
• which considers Aerospace a fundamental sector in terms of cultural stimuli and economic value, able to contribute to technological development in crucial areas such as transport, communications, space exploration and security;
• which, taking note of the globalization of technological markets, promotes internationalization and multiculturalism;
• which is aware of the social consequences and environmental research and development.


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