With our highly specialized technical personnel and advanced machinery, including CNC machines for 3 to 5-axis machining, the production department at LAER is proud to reach the level of excellence required by our customers and to perform the most complex processes in full obedience to the requested aeronautical quality standards, from raw material down to the implementation of the qualified system.

The shop floor area takes up to 1,500 square metres; it includes 2-5 axis CN machines, 2 FMS Multi pallets, and can handle steel, aluminum and titanium parts up to 6 meters in length. Thanks to our advanced CNC system and tools, our technicians are able to produce even the most complex components.

Productions quality is constantly verified through the careful and continuous monitoring of the process. This verification is made possible by the most advanced measuring instruments available on the market, Coordinate Measuring Machine, so as to ensure the reliability and quality of the final product.

CMM is located in a temperature - and humidity - controlled room in order to be efficient and to adapt to the customer’s requirements.